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Job Title: Central Sterile Tech – Surgery Center (Relocation Assistance Offered)

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Job Summary: The primary purpose of the Central Sterile Technician-Certified position is to receive soiled and contaminated instruments, equipment and trays from surgery, nursing units and patient care departments. The Central Sterile Tech cleans, disinfects and sterilizes these items by operating washers and autoclave sterilizers according to established procedures. Strives daily to give all customers very good care and promotes Havasu Regional Medical Centers’ Standards of Behavior and other duties as assigned. This position is required to be a resource to non-certified techs.
Requirements: High School Diploma or GED. Previous experience in Central Sterile field required. BLS within 60 days of hire. Certificate of Completion for Central Sterile Tech from an accredited technical or vocational school.
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Description: Supervises the daily activities of the central sterile staff.
RESPONSIBILITIES: Oversees decontamination, assembly and sterilization of surgical instruments using hospital policies and Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation (AAMI) standards.
Oversees and completes preparation of all case carts as required by following national inventory standards. May include restocking, pulling, managing inventory and verifying accuracy of individual case items
Determines, coordinates and supervises daily staffing assignments and staffing levels
Provides leadership, orientation, and training, coaching, and mentoring to assigned staff. Conducts performance evaluations and disciplinary actions.
Ensures no reuse (re-cleaning or re-sterilization) or reprocessing of any medical equipment/product/supply/device that is labeled single-use and/or disposable. Handles instruments safely and wear PPE as needed. Disposes of sharps.
Ensures tray assembly is correct: identifies trays quickly, instruments assembled, internal indicator placed, container and locks set up, wrapped correctly, external indicators placed properly, tray recipe attached, singles handled properly, basin sets kept up, implant sets assembled.
Consults with the Operating Room Unit Director and staff on any on-going problems. Provides information to Manager for fiscal and budgetary operations.
Certification Required: Certified Sterile Processing and Distribution Technician (CSPDT) and/or Certified Registered Central Service Technician (CRCST).
EDUCATION: Required: High School Diploma or General Education Diploma (G.E.D.)
Preferred: Bachelor (BS, BA) in hospital administration, business, or any related field.
WORK EXPERIENCE: Required: Five (5) years as central service or sterile processing, or other related area.
Preferred: Two (2) years supervisory experience in addition to above.
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JOB SUMMARY: Reporting to the Director of Surgical Services, the Manager of Sterile Processing is an actively licensed/certified Sterile Processing Technician who is responsible for overseeing operational resources by planning, organizing and providing sterile processing services for the OR and other departments. He/she fosters a supportive, professional environment for staff. Responsible for overseeing inventory control: ordering of supplies, instruments maintenance: care and processing and repair. Responsible for implementation of staffing patterns, work schedules, and provides ongoing in-service to staff members. Functions as a central point of contact for the SPD staff, Infection Control and other nursing departments. The SPD manager supervises the day-to-day operations of the Sterile Processing Department on all shifts. The SPD Department is responsible for Decontamination, Set Assembly/Preparation and Sterilization of all medical equipment. The SPD manager promotes an environment of cooperative staff efforts within the unit and with other units, especially the operating room, as well as maintaining regulatory compliance.
RESPONSIBILITIES: Responsible for the safe and efficient practices for Decontamination, Instrument, Assembly and Sterilization of all reprocessed instruments and equipment.
Monitors and maintains a safe work environment.
Twenty four (24) hour accountability for all personnel and activities occurring in the Sterile Processing Department.
Provides direct and effective supervision to ensure timely delivery of clean and/or sterile equipment.
Maintains adequate department staffing levels to ensure daily operation services to the Operating Room.
Monitors, maintains and records all department quality assurance systems activities in accordance with departmental and facility policy, The Joint Commission, OSHA and Title 22 regulations and requirements.
Partners with the Surgical Services Director in evaluating change in policies and procedures and implements appropriate systems to accommodate these changes.
Conducts departmental orientation, training, skills review and assists with educational programs to maintain high staff performance standards.
Monitors inventory levels to ensure adequate supplies, preventing waste and controlling costs.
Assists management, as assigned, in developing and reporting quality assurance reports to appropriate committees.
Provides for ongoing communications with staff and ancillary departments.
Provides a forum for staff involvement in problem identification and resolution.
Attends Huddles for verification and preparation for next days' surgery scheduling.
Meets regularly with management to share information regarding department activities.
Assists with recruitment and selection of new employees.
Actively supports and pursues Quality Improvement for the department and organization.
Accepts suggestions for improved performance. Meets established deadlines.
Supervises functions of staff in department to meet OSHA, EPA, and AAMI, State and Joint Commission guidelines and standards, as required.
Assists with establishing policies and procedures for Decontaminating, Setting up and sterilization of instruments and equipment.
Required Certification: Certification from International Association of Healthcare Central Service Material Management (IAHCSMM) or Certification Board for Sterile Processing and Distribution (CBSPD).
Preferred Certification: Maintain membership with a National Sterile Processing Organization (American Society for Healthcare Central Service Professionals (IAHCSMM) or Certification Board for Sterile Processing and Distribution (CBSPD).)
EDUCATION: Required: Associates or Vocational degree
Required: Completion of a Sterile Processing Technician Program.
Preferred: Bachelors degree
WORK EXPERIENCE: Required: Five (5) years Sterile or Surgery experience with progressive increase in responsibilities including financial management.
Required: Two (2) years supervisory experience.
Required: Knowledge of Sterile Processing and regulatory requirements (AAMI, AORN). Knowledge of all surgical instrumentation and equipment, processing and sterilization techniques and standards, supplies, microbiology, soaps and detergents. Fundamentals of cleaning and packaging sterile supplies and instruments, steam sterilization, quality assurance, infection control, isolation techniques, safe practices in Sterile Processing and The Joint Commission, Title 22, DHS and all other regulatory compliance requirements. Computer experience in MS Word, Excel and PowerPoint.
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Description: Full time position requiring ability to rotate shifts. Must have a minimum of 3 years of experience plus professional certification.
JOB SUMMARY: Inspects, assembles and evaluates all surgical instruments and instrument sets to ensure proper sterilization, completeness of set, and to determine need for repair/replacement.
RESPONSIBILITIES: 1.1 Performs decontamination of soiled instruments, sterilization containers and equipment according to established protocols.
1.2 Inspects instruments, equipment and containers to assure cleanliness and proper functioning.
1.3 Corrects instrument sets according to current standards and established count sheets and/or instrument tracking systems.
1.4 Maintains proper levels of inventory to ensure availability for case carts.
1.5 Decontaminates and sterilizes surgical instruments and ensure supplies are available for scheduled and emergency procedures.
1.6 Performs tray assembly: identifies trays quickly, assembles instruments efficiently places internal indicator, sets up container and locks, wraps using correct methods, places external indicators properly, attaches tray recipe, handles singles properly, keeps up with basin sets, assembles implant sets.
1.7 Handles instruments safely and wear PPE as needed. Disposes of sharps. Ensures no reuse (re-cleaning or re-sterilization) or reprocessing of any medical equipment/product/supply/device that is labeled single-use and/or disposable.
1.8 Demonstrates knowledge of and operates equipment: washer disinfector, sonic cleaner, dumbwaiter, compressed air blowers, steam sterilizers, plasma sterilizer, gas sterilizer, gas aerator, biological incubator/reader, Steris machines, and flash sterilizers.
Certification Required: Certified Sterile Processing and Distribution Technician (CBSPD) and/or Certified Registered Central Service Technician (CRCST).
EDUCATION: Required: High School Diploma or General Education Diploma (G.E.D.).
Preferred: Central Service technical training.
WORK EXPERIENCE: Required: Three (3) years as central service technician or other related area, three (3) years as sterile processing technician.
Preferred: Five (5) years as sterile processing technician.